Kid Arthur, An Adventure-Filled Cartoon Putting a Modern Spin on Ancient King Arthur Legends

Kid Arthur

British animators Joel Veitch and David Shute of Rathergood teamed up with Frederator Studios and Sony Pictures Animation to create an exciting new GO! Cartoons cartoon, titled “Kid Arthur,” that has been released on the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel. The pilot episode gives us a look at the animating duo’s modern spin on the ancient King Arthur legends. It features the adventures of the only two magical kids in school, Arthur and Mordred, and the hilarious chaos that continuously unfolds for the two “mortal foes and best friends.”

The legend of King Arthur is one of Britain’s greatest contributions to world culture – in fact Arthur was already famous when Britain was just a tiny island off the shore of medieval Europe – and now British animators bring Arthur to life as a plucky schoolkid. Today it’s a pilot on Youtube’s Cartoon Hangover but tomorrow it could be a fully fledged series, if viewers get behind it.

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