KeySmart Extended, A Handy Tool for Organizing Crowded Keychains in a Compact Design

KeySmart and Keys

The KeySmart Extended is a tool for organizing crowded keychains, and it can fit up to 14 keys into its compact and lightweight design. The KeySmart also features a loop to attach the device to a car fob, and can also fit a custom USB drive and other small tools in place of keys.

Say goodbye to your bulky key ring—KeySmart organizes your keys in one compact and lightweight place. Easily attach up to 14 keys, and use the included loop to latch on your car fob as needed. The award-winning KeySmart is designed to allow for quick and easy key access, and with this special extended edition you can fit a wider variety of keys, and use the added pocket clip to easily carry your KeySmart on your belt or pocket.

KeySmart Gold

KeySmart in Purse

KeySmart Penny Opening

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