Kevin Evans Art Show “Mythos” at Chez Poulet Gallery

Kevin Evans

“Mythos” is an new art show at Chez Poulet Gallery featuring 25 surreal intaglio prints and paintings by Kevin Evans. The show opens this Thursday, September 27th 8-10pm and will feature a special screening of the silent film The Call of Cthulhu based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft.

My imagery is a concoction of influence from the natural concealed world, instinct, and the cavernous depths of imagination and subconscious. The process is a provoking push and pull journey within medium and self with sporadic introductions of chaos to ensure an unpredictable voyage towards the concluding outcome. When working, I investigate the interior terrain favoring an existence within a silent emblematic space. I deposit symbols, characters, and texture -following an intuitive voice leading to unanticipated and surprising consequences. The creation first begins as a sequence of visual ramblings in sketchbook. Intermittently, unsystematic rudiments and marks of disorder are introduced; on occasion regions destroyed or erased acting as a reaction trigger. It’s a procedure of embracing an atmosphere of unpredictability and Memento Mori. When the illustration has attained a condition of termination, it is then transmitted to canvass, panel, or printed in the intaglio method or other, varied mediums.

painting by Kevin Evans
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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