Juggercorn and the Tangerine, A Musical Choose Your Own Adventure Animated Puzzle Game

Juggercorn and the Tangerine is a musical “Choose Your Own Adventure” style animated puzzle game by video game musician Adam Hoek where players are asked to make choices and pass tests as they click their way through more than 120 possible videos.

Players can also discover clues to a secret website and a hidden T-shirt offer as they play through the game enjoying the combined four music videos about a cryptozoologist hunting mythical creatures. The game requires the player to be able to click on annotations in the video, so the first video is a simple test of whether the device a player is using can push a button.

Juggercorn and the Tangerine is Season 1 of Adam Hoek’s youtube ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style game. Where you help Theo the cryptozoologist find a mythical creature through funny music videos and annotation based games. An experience where over 120 videos link together giving an experience deeper and fuller than any other youtube experience. Pay close attention and maybe you can unlock more of the story than most! Hint: turn on subtitles.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips