Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Produce and Star in an Upcoming ‘Fraggle Rock’ Movie Based on the 1980s Television Show

Fraggle Rock

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will produce and star in an upcoming Fraggle Rock movie based on the 1980s television series created by Jim Henson. From the announcement it is unclear if Gordon-Levitt will be playing a human character or voicing one of the Fraggle characters like Gobo Fraggle, the main protagonist of the show originally voiced by Jerry Nelson.

The show was centered around a group of five Fraggle friends, led by Gobo, who lived in Fraggle Rock. The Fraggles interacted with the human world, the giant Gorgs, and other creatures that lived in Fraggle Rock like the Doozers. It ran from 1983 to 1987 on HBO. The Doozers have since gotten their own spinoff show Doozers on Hulu.

The Fraggles themselves were revived in 2012 for the music video for the Ben Folds Five song “Do It Anyway.”

The film will be produced by New Regency and Jim Henson’s daughter Lisa Henson with the Henson Company.

image via Fraggle Rock

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