JBJ Soul Kitchen, Jon Bon Jovi’s Non-Profit Restaurants That Welcome Those Able to Pay and Those Who Can’t

Frontman Jon Bon Jovi of the eponymous rock band Bon Jovi is a loyal son of New Jersey. As such, he and his JBJ Soul Foundation have built the JBJ Soul Kitchen in three locations throughout the state – Red Bank, Toms River and Rutger’s University in Newark.

This farm-to-table restaurant fully embraces its role as a community restaurant, serving customers who can pay and those who cannot. The menu does not have any prices printed, the suggested price of a meal is $20 and every $20 thereafter will provide additional meals others.

There are no prices on our menu. If you are unable to pay the suggested donation, you may still enjoy a delicious meal. …We encourage our customers to effect change by making a suggested donation of $20 for their meal. Soul Kitchen offers a Pay It Forward Program where each additional $20 donation provides meals for those who are unable to donate.

In other words, all are welcome because “hope is delicious”.


Thanks, Jason Laskodi!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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