John and Hank Green Team Up With Phil Plait and PBS Digital Studios for New ‘Crash Course’ Astronomy Series

Hank and John Green, known as the Vlogbrothers, have partnered with “Bad AstronomerPhil Plait and PBS Digital Studios to launch a new Crash Course series about astronomy hosted by Plait. Crash Course is a popular video series produced by the Greens that presents basic information on a variety of subjects. Hank Green explains the history of Crash Course and their dedication to keeping the content free and available to all in a new video posted to the Vlogbrothers channel.

The PBS Digital Studios partnership will be launching three additional Crash Course topics. Hank Green will host Crash Course Physiology, Craig Benzine will host Crash Course Government, and a host is yet to be named for Crash Course Economics. The Greens hope to eventually have Crash Course videos covering the full range of high school curriculum.

The new Crash Course series will begin in 2015, though a specific date has not yet been given.

via Re/code, Bad Astronomy, David Friedman