Joe Reifer Photography Show

Joe Reifer

Bay Area photographer Joe Reifer is having a show of his night photography this month: “After Dark and In The Streets: Photographs by Joe Reifer”. The show opens this Friday, August 5th from 6pm to midnight at The Lucky Ju Ju Pinball Art Gallery in Alameda. Come out and see Joe’s wonderful photos and play some pinball on 20 vintage pinball machines.

You may recall Joe’s photography from our Laughing Squid 8 1/2 Year Anniversary Show last year or you may have seen some of his amazing photos of Will Franken (both Joe and Laughing Squid are big supporters of Will). Joe’s photos of the Life Size Mouse Trap are featured in issue #1 of Hi Fructose.

Joe on his photography:

Photography allows me to spend time exploring and contemplating places that I otherwise might pass over. I find myself paying more attention to the beauty of unnoticed everyday objects. Sometimes dilapidated ready-mades are recontextualized through certain light and framing. Other times cast-off materials have already been sculpted, and I complete the scene by shooting at night. A lot can happen when the shutter is open for 6 minutes. The stars appear to move. The wind blows. I might run around inside the photo shining colored flashlights or strobes. A famous photographer once said the best tools for photography are a camera, 2 lenses, and a good pair of walking shoes. I’m excited about continuing to explore the strange and beautiful environment of the Bay Area, instilled with a sense of wonder at the abstractions on display right here in our own backyard.

photo by Joe Reifer