Jittergram, An App That Creates 3D Stereograms & Animated GIFs

Jittergram: Fluff Tower

A stop-motion animation of a disappearing Marshmallow Fluff tower created using Jittergram

Jittergram is a super fun app that can easily create either a 3D stereogram or a long stop-motion animation with images taken on an iOS-based camera. To make a quick image that looks like a stereogram, you simply take two photos and the app instantly melds them together. For example, I made a stereogram image of my toy Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. My favorite mode is the long stop-motion animation one, you just keep taking pictures until you are ready to see your animation, like my disappearing Marshmallow Fluff tower. To make alignment easy to track from shot to shot, it leaves an “onion skin” image. Finished images (GIFs) can be shared via Twitter or email directly from the app. Jittergram is made by Maryland-based company Friends of The Web and is available for free at the iTunes store.

Jittergram: Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

An Oscar Mayer Wienermobile toy as a 3D Stereogram created using Jittergram


My daughter helped me make this stop-motion animation on Jittergram with her teddy bear.

photos by Rusty Blazenhoff

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff