It Came From Kuchar

It Came From Kuchar is a wonderful documentary about a quirky couple of twin filmmakers from the Bronx who’ve been pioneering underground film since the 50’s. George and Mike Kuchar‘s eccentric works have inspired artists such as filmmaker John Waters, actor/director Buck Henry and Zippy the Pinhead creator Bill Griffiths, just to name a few. The Kuchar brothers are the real deal. They’ve cranked out hundreds of fanciful, freaky no budget films on 8 and 16mm film, video as well as a trove of paintings and comics. Yet despite their voluminous body of work, they’re relatively little known outside of cinephile and film student circles today.

It Came From Kuchar features tons of great archival footage of the Kuchar twin’s films and interviews from the likes of John Waters, Guy Maddin, Bill Griffiths, Buck Henry, B. Ruby Rich, Atom Egoyan, Christopher Coppola, San Francisco locals Marian Wallace and V. Vale. Here’s more info on how to purchase the DVD.