Isotope Comics Lounge: Bloomingdale’s DC Comics Event & APE Aftermath

Isotope - James

Isotope Comics Lounge is a rarity even among the more experimental of comics shops because it offers something completely different and appealing. Proprietor James Sime (@jamessime) brings a nightlife atmosphere to mainstream comics. Isotope makes you feel that it’s not only cool to read superhero books, it’s downright sexy! It may be unlikely, but it really works, like the time Marvel dressed the Incredible Hulk in a suit and tie. The interior of Isotope seems to have been designed specifically for entertaining throngs of the geek elite. Sure, there are well-stocked shelves of comics and graphic novels of all type, but there’s also a dedicated bar built into the wall for late-night libations. And it’s padded! Folks, I’ve had the drinks, and they know how to party.

Isotope - Upstairs looking down

Isotope - Racks

Isotope - Seats1

It’s a busy week for Isotope. On Wednesday they co-hosted an evening of cocktails and fashion at Bloomingdale’s. The Bloomingdales/DC Comics tie-in is part of DC’s 75th Anniversary and features a range of designer superhero merchandise. The event was co-sponsored by Details Magazine and Warner Bros. in promotion of writer James Robinson’s upcoming run on “Justice League of America”. Robinson was on hand to meet the public, snacks were served, and cartoon-colored martinis flowed freely. Here’s the photographic evidence:

James Robinson Signing at Bloomingdales - Fashion meets comics

James Robinson Signing at Bloomingdales - James and James

More shots from my evening out at Bloomingdale’s can be found here in my Flickr set.

Wondercon '08- Isotope afterparty crowd

The party comes back to Isotope headquarters for the weekend, starting on Friday with an exhibition of art by Dean Haspiel. Saturday night marks the biggest event of the year for Isotope as they celebrate APE Aftermath, the unofficial after-party of the Alternative Press Expo. The event always packs the place, so if you’re shy of crowds, you might want to avoid the entire city block.

Isotope- Excellence in Mini Comics 2008 Winner, Jonas Madden Conner

The highlight of APE Aftermath is the coveted Isotope Award for Excellence in Min-Comics. Last year’s winner of the Isotope Award of Excellence in Mini-Comics was Jonas Madden Conner for his Mini-Comic, “Ocre Ellipse 3”.

APE Aftermath @Isotope
Saturday, October 17th
8pm – 2am
Never a cover
21 and over after 11pm

You can visit Isotope Comics is in Hayes Valley. Suit and tie optional.
Tues- Fri 11am-7pm
Sat-Sun 11am-6pm

326 Fell St @Gough St.
San Francisco, CA

photos by Josh Ellingson

Josh Ellingson
Josh Ellingson

Josh Ellingson lives and works as an illustrator in San Francisco, California. In 1999, Ellingson graduated art school and headed west. Since then, Josh has contributed artwork to popular publications and websites worldwide and worked with clients ranging from toy makers to tequila companies.
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