‘Iron Can’, A Parody of Marvel’s ‘Iron Man’ Film That Turns a Regular Clothes Iron Into a Wrinkle-Blasting Superhero

Adelaide, Australia-based filmmakers Anders Wotzke and Michael Nixon have created “Iron Can,” a fantastic parody of Marvel‘s 2008 Iron Man film that turns a regular household iron into a wrinkle blasting superhero. The steamy playboy Tony Starch (Ultra Downy Jr.) has a few tricks up his neatly creased sleeve.

Ultra Downy Jr. (now with floral scent!) stars as Tony Starch: Genius. Billionaire. Philanthropist. Can of fabric softener.

After being pressured into revealing his secret identity, Starch attracts the attention of the nefarious Fabrice Crimp, leader of a cult of creased cottons who believes that since the world isn’t flat, nothing should be.

Only Iron Can has the power-setting to flatten Fabrice and put an end to his ruffled reign of terror.

No one straight is safe. Everyone bent is probably ok for a change. The fate of looking presentable in a button-up rests on the nozzle of one can.

But even the greatest of heroes eventually run out of steam…

Justin Page
Justin Page

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