Intense First-Hand Video of a Tornado Descending on a North Dakota Mobile Home Park

Oil company employee Dan Yorgason captured close-up video of a tornado as it approached a Watford City, North Dakota mobile home park on the evening of May 26th, 2014. The footage captures the funnel as it moves ever closer to Yorgason and his friends, while they seek shelter in a nearby truck. Yorgason said that he was caught off-guard by the storm.

I checked outside to step under the rain — because I like summer rains — and I looked to the right to the east and didn’t see anything. Then I looked to the west and saw it coming. I knocked on [friend Abram Schiff’s] door and said “uh…tornado.” He said “what?” He was in his underwear. We took a few seconds to look at it and then we took off running.

via The Daily Dot