Insane Movie Special Effects That Were Surprisingly Created Without CGI

Looper has released a video where they share some of the most insane movie special effects that were surprisingly created without CGI. they feature the truck flipping scene from The Dark Knight, the blood-vomiting bed scene in Nightmare on Elm Street, and more.

From the mass destruction of Metropolis in Man of Steel to the full-length motion-capture madness of Avatar, computer-generated effects are ubiquitous in Hollywood—so when something amazing happens onscreen, audiences simply assume they’re seeing a digital fantasy. But despite the surge in CGI, some directors are still committed to doing special effects the old-fashioned way—like they had to in the old days, because they were making movies before today’s digital wizardry existed. From puppets to prosthetics to old-school camera tricks, we’ve rounded up some of the most insane scenes you’ll never believe were created without computers. (read more)