In Memorial

In Memorial

Chicken John is having a memorial on Friday, August 18th at 12 Galaxies in San Francisco. Who’s the memorial for you ask? You’ll just have to come on out and see for yourself when Chicken delivers the eulogy.

A performance honoring and memorializing a person who did not find celebrity in the time they shared with us, we show reverence and respect to one whom would appreciate it most…


Baby Dee

It’s the cutest Bee you’ll ever see performing funeral dirges on a harp and singing delightful ditties on her accordion. This circus staple and natural redhead hailing from Cleveland, Ohio is in town for one night only…

Fawn Fables

Dawn and Nils present their show; a haunting performance of music that commands your attention in the aural realms as well as others… if we are very lucky, they will bless us with one of their amazing operettas or a special guest or 2…

Loop! Station

Is it a cello and a vocalist or a choir and an orchestra? You won’t be able to answer that question with your eyes closed. The best band in SF.

Trapeze by Mirium

High above the crowd, Mirium swings on the trapeze….

Dr. Hal Robins

Dr. Hal orates a classic poem of epic proportions…

Eulogy by Chicken John
Somehow he’ll tie it all together and call it art….

Friday, August 18th

12 Galaxies
2565 Mission @22nd Street
San Francisco



Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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