In-Flight Magazine and Catalog ‘SkyMall’ to Relaunch With a New Entertainment-Focused Direction


In a post on LinkedIn, new owner Scott Jordan has announced his plans to relaunch the recently bankrupted in-flight magazine and catalog SkyMall with a new entertainment-focused direction. The new version of SkyMall will be a quarterly, and Jordan says passengers on round-trip flights could see different versions of the magazine on each leg of a flight.

Jordan also says he wants the products featured in the magazine to be “clever, but not kitschy,” and that the products section will be an “evolution” from the previous version of SkyMall.

We will dial up that entertainment aspect of SkyMall by embracing it as a source of creative content. Think J. Peterman creative. Or Patagonia creative. It’s a sophisticated version of entertainment and fun. We will use the travel experience as a metaphor to drive our product selection, copywriting and imagery to create a highly entertaining inflight shopping experience.

image via Scott Jordan