In 3D: Anaglyph Art by Stan Heller


Stan Heller combines photography with anaglyph art to create his illustrations and comics (Anaglyphs are sterographic images that use special glasses with red and cyan lenses to create the illusion of dept). “In 3D”, a retrospective of Stan’s art, opens on November 14th at Mission Comics and Art in San Francisco and runs through December 17th. The show collects 5 years of his experiments with 3D including images from his most recent book “Not Quite Here”.

Stan was also one of the few brave souls who attempted to create a 24 page comic during the recent 24hr Comic Book Day challenge at Mission Comics last month. You can read his 3D comic from that challenge here. Stan also collaborated with me on a this anaglyph to promote my 24hr comic BOOF!, which was created at the same event.


Doctor Popular
Doctor Popular

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