Illustrations of Pixar Characters as Famous Video Game Heroes

Commander Lightyear

Commander Lightyear” (Toy Story + Mass Effect)

Cape Town, South Africa-based artist Dwayne de Kock (aka “renegade21”) has created a series of illustrations that depict animated Pixar characters as famous video game heroes. You can view the entire collection on deviantART.

Monsters Inc-fected

Monsters Inc-fected” (Monsters Inc. + The Last of Us)

Toy Redemption

Toy Redemption” (Toy Story + Red Dead Redemption)

Metal Gear Up

Metal Gear Up” (Up + Metal Gear Solid )

Brave Raider

Brave Raider” (Brave + Tomb Raider)

images via renegade21

via GeeksNGamers, Kotaku