How to Make Six Different Forts Out of Ikea Furniture

IKEA Fort Fortress

Ad agency Instinct created for a very clever ad campaign for IKEA Russia that shows how to make six different forts out of various pieces of their signature furniture and accessories. This campaign specifically addresses the need to entertain children (and some adults) while having to stay at home. In typical IKEA fashion, these forts have been given such Swedish style names as Höuse, Cåmpingtent, Förtress, Cåstle, Cåve, and Wigwåm.

(translated) Wondering what else to do with the children? Build a house with them. Yes, such as those in your childhood, which you built from stools, blankets, and anything else that was handy. We have prepared instructions for creating houses – from the classic WIGWÅM (VIGVÅM) to the unexpected CÅVE (NÖRA).

The company has also asked customers to share their photos of their homemade for on social media with the hashtag #StayHome.

Build houses according to our projects, create your own and upload photos… Once a week in our social networks we will show a selection of photos of your houses. #StayHome # IKEAHome #IKEA

IKEA Fort House

IKEA Forts Camping Tent

IKEA Forts Castle

IKEA Forts Cave

IKEA Forts Wigwam

Here are several completed forts.

via Adweek

Lori Dorn
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