Hungry Twitter Users Will Soon Be Able to Order From Domino’s by Tweeting a Pizza Emoji

Dominos Pizza Emoji

Thanks to a new feature being rolled out on May 20, 2015, hungry Twitter users will soon be able to order from Domino’s just by tweeting to the company. Details about the exact mechanics of how to use the new tweet-to-order system will likely be released by Domino’s in the next few days leading up to the launch, but an article about the service in USA Today says that frequent customers will be able to simply tweet a pizza emoji to the company to place an order. This specific feature will likely work similarly to the “My Domino’s Favorite” feature of the company’s existing smartphone app that saves a favorite order so it can be placed more quickly.

While other companies have used Twitter for orders during temporary promotions, Domino’s is the first to make Twitter ordering a permanent part of their business model. The company has not-so-subtly hinted at the upcoming feature with more than 50 pizza emoji-heavy tweets in a row.

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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