Humorous Mood Wheels for Ovaries and Testicles

Ovary Mood Wheel

I Heart Guts has created humorous mood wheels displaying different emotions for ovaries and testicals. Larger, printable versions are available from I Heart Guts.

For many of us, our feelings often surrender to our gonads and the hormones they produce. Ovary prefers a variety of emotions. As for Testicle…well, let’s just say he likes things simpler. But, whether you’re controlled by Ovaries or Testicles, sometimes it’s hard to explain how you’re feeling without all that awkward talking. Here at Guts HQ, Ovary and Testicle have designed these handy visual Mood Wheels so you can more easily share your innard feelings with your partner, friends, and family. Download, print, and attach to your refrigerator!

Testicle Mood Wheel

images via I Heart Guts