HUDWAY Glass Turns Any Smartphone Into a Car Heads-Up Navigation Display

Any smartphone can be turned into a heads-up navigation display with the HUDWAY Glass, a simple device that sits on a car’s dashboard and reflects the phone’s screen onto a see-through surface. Drivers can use the HUDWAY Glass to read their current speed, turn-by-turn directions, and other information.

Push your car into the future with HUDWAY Glass, the brilliant solution that allows using any head-up display (HUD) app on any mobile device in your car to see the road ahead completely clearly. The very first of its kind, HUDWAY Glass produces a 20% larger image from your phone letting you see navigation, your speedometer, or any other HUD app with a more crystal, clearer picture that will prevent your gaze from wandering while driving.

Hudway Glass in Traffic

Hudway Glass Analog Speedometer Display

Hudway Glass Directions

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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