How to Make the Decadent 30 Rock ‘Lover’s Delight’ Sundae For Valentine’s Day

Chef Andrew Rea‘s always delicious series Binging With Babish covers how to make the decadent “Lover’s Delight” sundae from 30 Rock. Rea prepares the Tahitian vanilla ice cream from scratch without the aid of a machine, and adorns it with cognac, expensive Porcelana Amedei chocolate, and 24-karat edible gold leaf. Then he microwaves a doughnut.

Jack Donaghy knows how to do Valentine’s Day – specifically, he knows how to do the most decadent Valentine’s Day possible. Fruitlessly attempt to impress your partner as we delicately drape 24-karat gold atop homemade ice cream, cognac, and unnecessarily-expensive chocolate.