An Expert Father Explains How to Properly Load the Dishwasher in an Amusing Masterclass Parody

Actor Katheleen Cameron recruited her father Jim to star in an amusing parody of the acclaimed online learning company MasterClass. In his lesson, Mr. Cameron explains and demonstrates how to properly load the dishwasher, the difference between different soap products, and how to best strategically place the dishes for a maximum soap effectiveness

You may think you know how to do this, but you really need my expertise. I think of the dishwasher like a mechanical 3-D puzzle: It can bring you amazing results…but only if you do it right. Together, we’re going to tackle the big questions: How do you put plates in a dishwasher? Powder, liquid, or pods? Should utensils be handle-up or handle-down? What about Tupperware? By the time we’re done with this MasterClass, you’ll be able to load a dishwasher with maximum effectiveness…

via Boing Boing