How to Easily and Efficiently Hide a House Key on Your Property Using Items From a Hardware Store

Household Hacker (previously) demonstrates how to easily and efficiently hide a house key on your property using a collection of items from a local hardware store. Being locked out of the house will be a thing of the past, as will a stranger being able to dig up your spare key from the trusty flower pot.

How to easily and efficiently stow-away a house key on your property where no one will ever find it or even bother looking. You can put this project together quickly at the local hardware store and never again worry about being locked out! Keep in mind, you should use this as a base and build out your own version since we have it online and anyone can see it!

Shopping List (for our specific version):
1. 2′ / 2″ PVC pipe
2. 2″ L Pipe
3. Rubber Rain Collar
4. 2″ PVC Screw Cap
5. Adhesive