How to Construct a Completely Edible Working Pi Day Zoetrope Pie

Pi Day Pie Zoetrope

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin from Pies Are Awesome demonstrates how to construct a completely edible working Pi Day zoetrope pie that animates when it spins. The design uses shapes cut out of pie crust and built on top of a store-bought pie to celebrate Pi Day.

Happy Pi Day! (3/14)
Today’s tutorial features the first example of what I’m calling “Pie-Modding”: the art of modifying store-bought desserts to create edible epicness! My Zoetrope is completely functional AND nomable, with all components made from real pie dough and food colouring, BUT! the base is just a plain ol’ store bought pecan pie. Anyone with an exacto knife can pull this one off.

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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