How the Malt Vinegar Found In British Chip Shops Isn’t Actually Made From Vinegar

While walking along a windy beach, the affable Tom Scott explained that the “malt vinegar” that’s found in British chip shops isn’t actually made with vinegar. Instead what’s being served is an inexpensive combination of un-brewed chemical flavors and colors mixed together and made to taste like malt vinegar. The “non-brewed condiment” has been around for a very long time and seems to please most. Which begs the question that Scott asks at the end.

“Non-brewed condiment” is what they call it: it’s chemically very similar to proper vinegar, a mixture of ethanoic acid, colourings and flavourings, but it’s put together by just combining simple chemicals rather than brewing. Hardly anyone knows, and those that do know don’t generally care; so here’s my question. Does it matter?