How Russian Airline Food Is Made

Airline Food

Everyone knows how delicious the food is on airplanes, yet no one ever tries to cook like this at home. Perhaps it’s because, for years, the culinary arts of airlines have been shrouded in secrecy and tradition, much like the rich mastery only found in the rarefied air of prison kitchens. In English Russia’s post Airport As A Tomato Sees It we now have the first glimpses into how airline food is prepared and stuffed into those appetite-whetting little blue carts; oddly the photo journey is revealed through the eyes of a tomato as is passes through a five-story mechanized kitchen which cooks for flights taking off at the Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport. Perhaps even more strangely, the food products are described with the type of affection typically reserved for things that people might actually want to eat while offering up vaguely unsettling tidbits about how hot food is heated and then “shock frozen” prior to flight.

via KumiMonster