Protective Southern Ground Hornbill Bird Attacks the Research Camera Filming the Hatchling Nesting Site

Research camera traps that were placed by PhD candidate Kyle-Mark Middleton at the University of Cape Town, captured amusing footage of a Southern ground hornbill who was guarding the nesting site inside a tree cavity. When the bird suddenly became aware that they were being filmed, the irked bird attacked the camera with the ferocity that comes with being a protective new parent.

Camera traps placed at the nesting site provide an ideal tool for recording vocalisations associated with their behavioural context. Further, they allowed to investigate how every individual group member contributes to provisioning the incubating female, and the nestling after hatching.

Southern Ground Hornbill Attacks Camera

After calming down, the bird bonded a bit with Middleton.

Tried to record the call of this captive bird. Unfortunately, it had other things on its mind. Unsuccessful morning but a good laugh.

via Kraftuttermischwerk

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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