Homemade Live-Action Remake of the Cartoon Intro to ‘Family Guy’

Cinefix has created a homemade live-action remake of the cartoon intro to Family Guy. This new episode of Homemade Movies was directed by Pasadena, California-based animator and musician Dustin McLean of DustFilms. We’ve previously written about Dustin’s ongoing homemade remake series.

It’s Homemade Movies ‘Family Guy’ edition! We’ve taken this cartoon intro remade it shot for shot in real life! Including Brock Baker (McGoiter), Colleen Ballinger (Psycho Soprano), Christine Lakin (the voice of Joyce Kinney on the REAL ‘Family Guy’) and Mikey Bolts.

Here are the side-by-side comparison and behind-the-scenes videos from CineFix:

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips