The Crazy Russian Hacker Tries an Enclosed Home Dog Spa on His Beautiful Huskies

The ever-gregarious Taras Kul, aka the “Crazy Russian Hacker” (previously), tested out a pre-fab Enclosed Pet Spa on his three beautiful huskies. After a relatively simple setup (albeit with a few missing pieces), Kul first began with Luke, a gorgeous white dog who can get very dirty very quickly. Luke didn’t seem to mind the spa and emerged sparkling clean. Hugo, the next dog up, didn’t like the confinement of the spa and preferred being washed in the open air with a hose after all.

For today’s video I really have to give a bath to Luke Gus and Hugo here, so I have time to get my job a lot easier. I have three dogs now there is no way I can just use a hose. So I got here a dog spa. Let’s see what it’s all about.