Harrison Ford Hilariously Responds to an Incredible Card Trick Performed by David Blaine


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In a clip from the ABC special Real or Magic, actor Harrison Ford quite obligingly participated in a card trick performed by magician David Blaine. Blaine asked Ford to think of a card and then locate it within the deck of cards. When Ford didn’t find it there, Blaine suggested that he choose a piece of fruit from the counter. After Ford chose an orange, Blaine asked him to name his card (nine of hearts). Blaine then cut open the orange and revealed Ford’s card inside.

David Blaine performs for Harrison Ford. From the ABC special “Real or Magic.” David tells Harrison Ford to think of a card. Harrison Ford opens up an orange and finds his card inside the fruit.

Ford was so surprised by the trick that he uttered a hilariously profane response regarding Blaine’s presence inside his home.

Just get the f*ck out of my house, okay?

Here’s the trick in full.