Guy Pranks Tourists in Times Square by Posing as a Fake Celebrity

Coby Persin of Model Pranksters was able to trick a large group of tourists in Times Square, with help from his friends, by making them all think that he was famous celebrity. His friends helped to hype up his arrival by posing as fake fans, a GQ photographer, paparazzi, and a reporter. Professional dancer Doris Cano, who acted as Coby’s girlfriend, walked beside him as they swam through the crowds of mislead fans.

Coby made his entrance in the heart of times square 46 and 8th ave. He rolled up in a black 8 passenger suburban. He had fake GQ magazine covers with his face and name on the cover so it looked like Coby was on the cover of GQ magazine. He also had a fake reporter come and interview the people who were pranked so not only where these people being pranked but they also thought there was a new channel there interviewing the people about this big celebrity named Coby Persin this was a prank inside a prank inside a prank.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Justin Page
Justin Page

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