Gorgeous Hand Painted Silk Butterfly Wings That Appear As If They Could Fly Away on Their Own

Polish seamstress and designer Dorota Drzewiecka of Pracownia DOR has created a gorgeous line of colorful hand-painted silk butterfly wings that look as if they could fly away on their own. While Drzewiecka’s designs were originally made for belly dancing, they are available to anyone through her Etsy shop and throught custom ordering.

I’ll put you in your uniqueness. My wings are hand-painted, not printed and not dyed. Everything I paint using paintbrushes. I made more than 200 pairs of wings, for customers in the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and other. My lab was created with passion. Passion sewing, fabric painting passion, passion for creating unique things. I create individual models clothing and accessories with hand-painted fabrics by me, which guarantees the uniqueness and originality of my clients. Also realize individual orders.

via So Super Awesome, My Modern Met