Girl Watcher, A Creepy Men’s Humor Magazine From 1959

Girl Watcher - June 1959

Jordan Smith of What Makes The Pie Shops Tick? has posted the entire June 1959 issue of Girl Watcher magazine which, at first glance, seems to be a typical fifties pinup rag. Upon closer inspection, its creepiness and downright misogynism is revealed with articles like “Some Advanced Field Notes on Stalking The Girl” and “More About Collecting Pretty Girls”. The latter seems to be a primer for serial killers as it says that “more ambitious Girl Watchers find it intriguing to bring home a specimen or two”. The magazine also encourages taking secret (and spiteful) photos of neighborhood ladies in the article, “The Girl Next Door”. And not for one second do I believe any of the “Letters to Girl Watcher” were actually written by women, like Anne Bolton of Boston who supposedly enjoys “panty raids”.

Update: A reader has pointed out that it was intended to be a humor magazine (like an adult MAD magazine). Even done in jest, the articles about stalking and “collecting girls” still read as super creepy, no matter the original intent.

Some Advanced Field Notes on Stalking The Girl

More About Collecting Pretty Girls

More Ambitious Girl Watchers Find It Intriguing To Bring Home a Specimen or Two

The Girl Next Door

Music For Girl Watching

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images via Jordan Smith of What Makes The Pie Shops Tick?