‘Giant Sloth’, An Animated Short About a Museum Curator Losing His Grip on Reality Featuring Paul Giamatti

Fantagraphics cartoonist Paul Hornschemeier has taken to Kickstarter to raise funding for an animated short called “Giant Sloth,” which will feature the voice talent of Paul Giamatti and comedians Jason Mantzoukas and Kate McKinnon. The “existential animated short” centers on a museum curator played by Giamatti, who appears to be losing his grip on reality. Hornschemeier promises a work stranger and darker than studios are generally willing to produce.

I come from the world of graphic novels, where you can make whatever you want, and while animation is more complicated, it’s starting to get that direct. With today’s technology, we can make a film for pennies, compared to what a big studio would spend. And because we can make a film for that kind of budget, we can make and film whatever we want.