Gamer Beats Fallout: New Vegas in Twenty Minutes and Sets a New World Record

A gamer, who goes by the name Kungkobra, recently set a world record by beating Fallout: New Vegas in a mere 20 minutes. Kungkobra soared right through the storyline by carefully managing his skills, changing the in-game language, and utilizing both a quick saving and loading exploit. 20 minutes is faster than the time it took me to create my Nic Cage character in Fallout 4.

This is a Fallout: New Vegas speedrun in the Any% category, which means any glitches and exploits (Except console commands and game modifications) are allowed.

The character build is based on getting 100 speech and getting the platinum chip as fast as possible, so we choose a female character for the Black Widow perk, 10 Charisma, tag speech and select Good Natured for maximum speech. We also want to get 45 survival later on for the Travel Light perk (10% extra movement speed).

The glitches/exploits used in the run all involve quicksaving and quickloading (abbreviated as QSQL), and it’s used for skipping NPC dialogue (Doc Mitchell notably), clipping through walls and to get a glitch called Speedcripple.