Funny Commercials for Intimate Hair Grooming Apparatuses Roundup

The folks at Wilkinson Sword have a provocative ad campaign for their Quattro for Women Bikini shaver. Full of hedge and topiary imagery and metaphor.

It is notable that historically Wilkinson actually did make both gardening tools and razors. Nowadays those two lines are split into two different companies. One wonders if the personal-grooming division has some shear-envy which is being expressed in their marketing campaigns.

Here’s the catchy French version, Ma Garden Party.

And lest us guys feel left out, a tool by Phillips, The Bodygroom, is guaranteed to give a clean close shave to kiwi fruit or whatever else kiwi-shaped you applied it to, one assumes.

Denuded kiwis

Here’s an ad / ode, from 2.5 years ago, with a sensitive bath-robed fellow singing the virtues of this grooming gadget.

I… am not comfortable with that. But their Second Puberty animated brochure, which features amongst other wonders a unicorn with a rainbow for a horn, is well worth a look.

Props to my buddy John Rackham for the pointers to the 3 Wilkinson ads.