French Thrill-Seekers Attempt to Walk a Tightrope Between Two Hot Air Balloons in “The Balloon Highline”

The Balloon Highline” is a video project by filmmaker Seb Montaz that captures the Skyliners, a group of French thrill-seekers, and their attempt at walking a tightrope between two hot air balloons. Thankfully, each tightrope walker was safely equipped with a parachute.

Last week, we left winter behind and headed to the sun to try and turn our latest dream into reality. We put up a line between 2 hot air balloons to try our first completely movable highline. All of the Skyliners team was excited to put their skills to the test on such an amazing line. Thanks to the talent of the pilots, we came really close.

The Balloon Highline

The Balloon Highline


via Vimeo Staff Picks