Four Calories, A Bizarre Spec Ad For Tic Tac

“Four Calories” is a very David Lynch-esque short spec ad set in a seedy motel room and is one you may find hard to “shake.” New York-based Corbin directed it to push the boundaries of Tic Tac’s Shake it Up! campaign (100% unofficially) and it may just spoil your appetite for orange Tic Tacs forever. We know we won’t see them the same way again after seeing one being sucked out of the belly of a big hairy man.

The director told Biertijd that “The Tic Tac tag line ‘Shake It Up’ speaks volumes to this piece while still leaving it open to the viewers interpretation. For me, it works on many levels, but everyone will have a different experience watching it and take away something that others may not have. That’s what I find most interesting and engaging about it. I’m definitely an advocate of pushing the envelope and would love to work with brands that are willing to do so. There’s a lot going on here, but everything needs to have its place, And it does.”

Thanks Brian Berlin!