Foldylock Compact, A Collapsible and Secure Folding Bike Lock Made From Six Steel Links

Foldylock on Bike

Foldylock Compact is a collapsible and secure folding bike lock designed by Seatylock. The lock is made from six hardened and rust-free steel links that are treated with a military grade polymer, and they fold down to a compact and portable size when the lock is not in use.

Bike locks. Too heavy, too ugly, too cumbersome, bad protection, Sh@#%y – squeaky function. With our long experience in the field, We believe it can be done better: Smoother function, better design, better protection, better operation, better size, better look & feel,better user experience, JUST BETTER! The Foldylock Compact is our best creation yet – this is a fact. Moreover, we believed it is the best Folding lock ever made. We hope you will think like we do and support this project.

Seatylock is funding the Foldylock through a Kickstarter campaign and offering discounted locks as rewards for backers.

Foldylock Compact Unfolding

Foldylock Collapsed

Foldylocks Colors

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