The Flying Pig Sex Disaster Fundraiser

Flying Pig

BORG2 needs your spare change to fund art at Burning Man.

The Flying Pig Sex Disaster Fundraiser takes place this Saturday, February 5th at The Shipyard in Berkeley.

We’re spare changing our way to a quarter million dollars!

And we’re going about it in the normal sort of way, by asking you to bring us your spare change, so we can put it inside a giant articulated metal sculpture of two pigs making beautiful love, which we will then set on fire as they fly around the Shipyard in Berkeley; as they burn, the change will fall out of the pigs and onto a giant metal collection plate, cling clack cling, making sweet music as only two flying, fornicating, bursting to the seams with spare change pigs can. Nothing weird about that; the pigs love it, we get money to fund art at Burning Man, and you get rid of all that spare change that’s been sitting around your closets in coffee cups, shoeboxes and old fishbowls.