Cranky Iceberg Dwelling Witch Gives Her Frozen Heart to a Lonely Merman Who Wants to Be Friends

In the spectacular award-winning animated film short “Fishwitch” by stop motion artist Adrienne Dowling, a rather cranky witch who lives alone on an iceberg accidentally meets a lonely, but cheerful merman who wants nothing more than to be her friend. While the shrew continuously shoos the merman away, she finds herself missing him while he’s gone. After he performs a truly altruistic act to save her life, the witch found it in herself to hand over her frozen heart when he needed it the most.

A cantankerous, iceberg-dwelling witch is taken by surprise when a relentlessly cheery merman gets caught in her net and attempts to befriend her. Before long he begins to uncover a secret, long kept buried in the ice.

Dowling provided a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at how “Fishwitch” was made.

via Short of the Week

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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