First-Person Video of a Viking-Themed Show at a French Theme Park From One of the Vikings

Stuntman Alex Yde recently uploaded some first-person video of a Viking-themed show at French theme park Puy du Fou that he recorded while running around as one of the Vikings. It appears that Yde performs many roles, as the camera jumps around a bit.

I’m practice parkour since 12 years and it’s my work, I’m a stuntman.

Since 3 years i work with Puy du Fou in France for the show « The vikings » and i play different roles mixed parkour, acrobatic, fight, and water stunt fall.

When i’ve time, i’m film maker so i ask to my boss if i can filming my roles for make a video who can diving people into my life of viking warrior, and this is the result.

via Dorkly