Fiona the Baby Hippo Reunites With Her Parents For an Hour in the Outdoor Pool

Fiona and Family

At six months old, Fiona the adorable baby hippo finally had a chance to reunite with both her mother Bibi and her father Henry in the outdoor pool at the Cincinnati Zoo. Fiona had previously spent time with Bibi, but hadn’t yet spent any time with Henry. Bibi made sure that Fiona stayed safe by letting Henry know when he was being inappropriate.

Family reunion! We’ve never been more excited about a post! BiFi (the power duo name that’s being used for Bibi and Fiona) was joined by Henry this morning for the first time. The three were introduced in Hippo Cove’s outdoor pool before the Zoo opened, supervised by their care team. The short introduction went well. Bibi intervened when Henry got too close to Fiona, which was exactly what we were hoping to see. Introductions will continue.