Filmmaker Documents a Surprise Ninja Gig by Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer performed a few surprise ‘ninja gigs’ at SXSW 2013, free all-ages performance which were promoted by Palmer solely through social media outlets like Facebook. For a segment on her channel A Total Disruption, filmmaker Ondi Timoner attended one of these shows and documented Amanda’s intimate performance from behind the piano.

From the Facebook event announcing the spontaneous show:

for anyone who couldn’t afford/didn’t want a SXSW badge, or for those who just want more SXSW nerdy “what the fuck about the music business” goodness… want to open it up to your questions about, aahhhhh…fucking everything that’s going on.

i’ll talk, we’ll talk, i’ll play – word is this beautiful old theater (the scottish rite, offered up by @emily_guitar yesterday on twitter) has a grand piano.
bring questions, ideas, complaints, kids, ukuleles, glitter, friends, love!!!!!!
let’s do this shit…