Fightey-Town: An Auto-Fight-Ography of Fistfighter Patrick Davis

Brawler-turned-author Patrick Davis has self-published Fighteytown: An Auto-Fight-Ography, a biographical book of his real-life fistfights. Davis is now adapting the book into a one man show and possibly, a feature film.

LA Weekly’s Public Spectacle blog recently featured Davis and talked about Fightey-town:

As it turns out, he was Mr. Tough Guy. After about 35 street fights — many in L.A. — he was hit with the inspiration to combine his bloody, bare-knuckle hobby with his mostly deferred dream of being a writer. He self-published Fighteytown: An Auto-Fight-Ography, the self-deprecating story of an overprivileged underachiever told through the prism of his often ridiculous fights.

…Instead of a sadist, Davis considers himself an avenger of bullies, a defender of the downtrodden. “One of my most righteous fights was with a guy who’d been terrorizing the homeless in my area of Venice. He was on the ‘scumbag miracle diet’ — Cheez Whiz, Fluffernutter, minidonuts — but he still thought he could take me.”

via Public Spectacle

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff