Fetch and Freight, A Pair of Automated Warehouse Robots by Fetch Robotics

Fetch and Freight are a pair of automated warehouse robots by Fetch Robotics. The Fetch is a robot that can find and select specific items from warehouse shelves, and then place them into a bin being transported by its partner robot Freight.

Freight can either pair with a Fetch robot or be put into “follow mode” and use its laser scanner to follow a person as they pull items from the shelves. Once an order is completed, Freight carries it to a shipping area to be sent out to the customer.

In a recent video, IEEE Spectrum features Fetch Robotics CEO Melonee Wise as she shows off Fetch and Freight in the Fetch Robotics simulated warehouse.

fetch robot 2

fetch robot 1

photos via Fetch Robotics

via IEEE Spectrum