Fantastically Surreal Computer Animations by Jonathan Monaghan

Artist Jonathan Monaghan creates experimental animations that venture beyond the surreal to a world in which goats with rainbow eyes fly out of airborne baroque palaces. The computer animations at times resemble video game cut scenes or architectural renderings, but the similarity is quicky dispelled by the bafflingly bizarre orbs, pulsating modernist and/or baroque buildings, and other oddities that populate Monaghan’s worlds. Witness a Street Fighter character stumble upon an angelic golden lamb in this excerpt from “Sacrifice of the Mushroom Kings.” Or perhaps, as Monaghan describes it, “a majestic invasion of a fantastical spacecraft, part flesh, part baroque architecture” in this excerpt from “Alien Fanfare.” Whichever animation you watch, prepare for bogglement.

We previously posted about Monaghan’s animation, “Dauphin 007.”

via Robert Popper, Boing Boing

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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