Why Cell Phone Towers Turned Into Fake Trees

How Fake Cell Tower Trees Took Over America

In a report for Cheddar, video producer Mika Chance explains the concept of visual pollution, the age-old argument that takes place when new technology (electric lines, trolley cables, wind farms) requires a physical presence within the actual landscape, the history of blocking such technology on the local level and why some believe that visual pollution causes physical harm.

Chance also explains why cell phone towers suddenly turned into fake trees all across the United States and wonders aloud if they’ve done any good at all.

Cell towers disguised as trees are sprouting up all across America. And for the most part, they stand out like well, a cell tower. And with concealment costs at an average of over $100,000 per tower it begs the question…WHY?!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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